Szávay Ági Tennis Club




1. The educational sport activities of the Testnevelési Egyetem (TF) have priority in court rentals, and all seasonal court renters and one-time court users are required to adapt.

2. If, due to this (policy 1.) your booking time is cancelled or your time is modified, the seasonal court renters and occasional court users do not have the right for complaints.

3. Students and teaching staff members of the Testnevelési Egyetem can use the courts free of charge between 10am and 3pm on weekdays. (If booking is made 24 hours in advance). If they would like to use the tennis courts at a time outside of time of agreement, general terms and conditions apply as well as the prices for court rentals. If a they are using the court with non-TF student/staff person, then half of the court rental price must be paid. Permanent reservations from 10AM till 3PM are not possible.

4. Other tennis schools outside of the Szávay Ági Tennis School can only operate on the premises with a prior written approval by the operator of the club.

5. Tennis lessons for children can only be given on the courts with a license agreement from the operator of the club.

6. The game time for a lessons and a court rental is 55 minutes. After use, renters and users are required to clean the court in the last 5 minutes of the court rental.

7. The tennis courts may only be used in tennis shoes and appropriate clothing.

8. A rented court can be canceled, or rescheduled without any fee penalty if the cancelation is made 24 hours by phone (+36 30 655 8392), by e-mail (, or in person. Our renters can modify there scheduled court time hour up to 4 times. If your rented court is canceled in time, we can offer you a replacement time according to availability.

9. If your cancelation is made within 24 hours of your scheduled booking, and you do not hold a season court rental, you will not be able to play at the club until you have paid for the hour of court rental you have previously booked and canceled. This policy applies to court time scheduled with a coach as well.

10. If you are a season court renter but didn’t make your cancelation 24 hours prior to your court time we can not offer a refund or reschedule your time without a fee.

11. If the courts are not suitable for play, we can offer our renters a replacement time, but we are not able to guarantee the same time slots as the original booked court time.

12. The management team of the tennis club has the right to determine if the courts are suitable for play. (for example in case of rain or other weather conditions)

13. The pre-paid seasonal rentals are valid for the given season and cannot be modified.

14. The company shall not be held responsible for valuables left in the locker rooms and/or on the tennis courts.

15 All players are required to abide by the fair play rules.

16. All customers are required to preserve the cleanness of the club and to take care of the equipment on courts and in the clubhouse.

17. The tennis courts can only be used at your own risk.

18. Sport activities such as tennis, have a risk of injury. The company cannot be held responsible for injuries.

19. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited. People under the influence of such substances, cannot use the tennis courts.

20. Parking on the premises and around the tennis court are free for our renters.

21. The entire club house, tennis court and other sport grounds, parking lots and gate entrances, and also all other safety-critical areas are constantly monitored by camera surveillance. Records are stored in accordance with the legal regulations. If it is not indicated to use any of previous recordings, the recorded footage will be permamently deleted (also according to the law). Records may only be released to the competent authority.

22. Customers who refuse to comply with the policies can be banned for the club.

23. By using our services all customers automatically acknowledge our policies.

24. Not understanding the policies of the club does not release any customer from any of the consequences due to failing to comply with our policies.


Valid from the 11th of September 2017 until cacellation.