Tennis school with Ági Szávay


Who is the tennis school recommended for?

We have courses for all ages, but our main focus is on age groups 6 to 16. We have groups for beginners and advanced tennis level children as well. Our groups are designed to specifically develop each level, with our special training programs, to achieve the fastest possible development for everyone.



Who guarantees the quality of our courses?


Ági Szávay, Hungarian professional tennis player and Olympic team member, is guaranteed to provide the best training sessions possible.

Ági knows how to teach tennis, because she knows first hand about persistence, and humility which has helped her to reach the 13th place in the world rankings, and also making her capture five WTA tournament titles.

In addition, she has been teaching for many years as a licensed Play and Stay instructor, with a USPTR coaching license, showing that combined with her professional tennis past, she is very highly qualified to teach the game of tennis.


Are there individual or group lessons?


We offer both types of training forms. We are able to provide personalized advice to learners who want to evolve to make the best possible progress. After we have professionally outlined the benefits of individual and group lessons, with our help you will be able to choose the best form of training for yourself. Of course, it is possible to switch individually or into groups after the training sessions are started.


If you have any further questions about our tennis school, please call the following number:

+36 70 453 0808 or write us an email at: