Szávay Ági Tennis School




1 Training lessons start on the hour and end five minutes before the hour.

2. Parents and relatives accompanying children are not allowed to be on the tennis court during the session. They can pick up their children 5 minutes before the end of the lesson.

3. The first practice of each month will be open, where parents and relatives are welcome to attend.

4 Our courses are calculated in a monthly fee, which is due at the first training session of the month. If payment is not received until the 15th of the month, the monthly fee will increase by 10%.

5 In any absence, please notify us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled training session. Replacement times are only possible if we get a notification of you absence 24 prior.

6. Replacement is only possible within two weeks of your cancellation!

7. Replacement options are available one time a month for individual lessons, but must be within 2 weeks of the cancelled lesson.

8. We do not have practices on national holidays so these dates are not subject to replacements.

9. If a long absence occurs and we have been notified of this absence, we are able to refund a maximum of 20% of the monthly fee.

10. If, for any reason, you do not want your child to attend our training sessions any more, please email us at or call us on the following number: +36 70 453 0808. As long as we don't get any notice of withdrawal for the tennis session, the monthly fee will still be billed.

11. During the practice sessions tennis shoes and proper sports clothing are required.

12. We do not take responsibility for valuables left in the locker rooms and/or on the court.

13. Injuries can occur during sport activities. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for injuries.

14. By using our services all customers automatically acknowledge the policies of the Szávay Ági Tennis Club and Tennis school.

15. Failure to understand the policies of the club does not release any customers from the consequences due to failing to comply with the policies.


Valid from 1. September 2017. until cancellation.