Happy Tennis


The founders of Happy Tennis, Szávay Ágnes, Kapros Anikó and Gubacsi Zsófia, have been playing tennis since they were young children. They have successfully represented the sport in their careers, but more importantly, they are in love with this game. After finishing their professional careers, each founder started a new path coaching and teaching tennis to young children.

The purpose of creating Happy Tennis is to introduce elementary school children to the sport of tennis, to encourage a healthy active lifestyle and to make tennis popular among young children. The Happy Tennis program is designed to provide playful tennis lessons in a safe sports environment for even the youngest children.

Happy Tennis is devoted to developing the physical and mental abilities of the children. Specifically, the program focuses on improving coordination, balance, physical conditioning, and left-right brain function. To achieve this goal, the founders have worked together with physical therapists to design the Happy Tennis program and lessons.

Our devoted and reliable coaches have excellent teaching skills and are determined to provide playful and fun tennis lessons, while simultaneously improving the children’s abilities. Our program operates in both winter and summer and so neither heat nor cold will stop Happy Tennis!

Tennis is our life and our passion. We want to have the opportunity to give your children this same feeling! Choose the Happy Tennis program and with our help you can make your children fall in love with this beautiful sport! For further information, please click www.happytennis.hu.